Our Tuesday Talks Series Begins May 2

Are you curious? New this spring, we bring you a series of talks on topics ranging from the state of our planet to the state of your well-being. 

May 2: Civics 101: How Our Government Works—And How You Can Work With It (7:30-9pm at Newton North)

In today’s political climate, many people want—and need—a refresher in how our government works. After that review, Jon Bassett will cover how to engage with your elected officials in productive dialogue, and we’ll discuss what our responsibilities are as citizens. (We almost called this Schoolhouse Rock For Grownups: Basic Stuff You Forgot About American Civics and Government.)

May 9: What Happens When the Survivors Are Gone? (7-8:30pm at Newton South)

How will we remember the Holocaust when those who lived through it are gone?  Who is tasked with remembrance and what does it look like? Through the lens of her experience as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and scholar, and through her own experiences and connections with Polish artists and who are grappling with this history, Leora Tec discusses the many ways of answering these questions. She’ll address both the challenges and unexpected clarity that can come from embracing the details of a human life, and finds ways to uncover hope, even in the fragments of this shattered history.

May 16: Living Fearlessly (7-8:30pm at Newton South)

Imagine if you could move beyond your fears to meet your potential in every aspect of your life. We’re all born with unique strengths and talents, but as we grow up those are often diminished by fears of failure and rejection. Lauren Mackler discusses how to uncover the roots of the fears that keep us stuck, and explore ways to break self-defeating habits so we can live more fulfilling lives.

May 23: The Dollars & Sense Guide to Climate Change  (7-8:30pm at Newton South)

The free market could contribute significantly to mitigating climate change if only the economic incentives were right. Join Gary Rucinski  to hear what our government can do to encourage investors, entrepreneurs, and inventors to provide the lowest-cost clean energy possible.


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