3-D Printing & Design Winter 2019

See how the seemingly impossible is achieved! 3-D printing takes digital files and transforms them into real objects. In this class, you’ll learn basic 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) principles and learn to code in BlocksCAD software to create unique, three-dimensional designs. You’ll design a couple of your own projects; your instructor will print these outside of class and bring them back for you to take home. While you’re being creative and having fun, you’re also learning real programming concepts including loops and variables, and gaining geometry and computational skills as well. It’s the printing of the future, right here and now! Grades 6-8  
3-D Printing & Design Bigelow Middle School Winter 2019 1/25/19 3/15/19 3:00 PM 4:30 PM F $ 245 Registration Available
3-D Printing & Design Day Middle School Winter 2019 1/28/19 3/11/19 2:45 PM 4:15 PM M $ 245 Registration Available
3-D Printing & Design Brown Middle School Winter 2019 1/29/19 3/12/19 2:30 PM 4:00 PM Tu $ 245 Registration Available