Before you propose a course…

NCE welcomes course proposals from potential instructors at any time. We review proposals on a rolling basis for upcoming terms. Complete the following steps to submit a proposal:

  • Read the info on this page
  • Fill out our Course Proposal

The Course Proposal link is at the bottom of this page because we truly do want you to read this info first!

We’ll need your contact information, proposed title, short description of the class including how many hours/sessions you think your class may need, and a short biography. We will need all of this information to consider your class. If we accept your proposal, we will most likely edit your title and description to match our style, so please consider what you submit a draft.

We begin planning classes at least five months before a session begins and we finalize our offerings about three months before a session begins. Registration begins on the day the print catalog is released, which is the same day our web registration opens, approximately six weeks prior to the start of a session.

NCE runs three sessions each year for kids’ classes and four sessions each year for adult classes:

KidsFall: mid September to early January
Winter: mid-January to early June
Summer: mid-June to late August (these are typically week-long or multi-week programs)
AdultsFall: mid September to early December
Winter: mid-January to mid-March
Spring: early April to early June
Summer: mid-June to early August


We offer a wide variety of classes in many different formats: one-session workshops or presentations, multiple-session classes, one-hour daytime lectures, panel discussions, lectures, kids’ vacation and summer programs, and more.


We use the following criteria in making our decision:

  • Is the proposed course distinct from current or recent programs?
  • Have we offered something similar in the past, and was it successful?
  • Is the topic of genuine interest to our community? (If the course is intended to generate interest in your personal business, we’re unlikely to pursue it.)
  • Do you have expertise that supports the proposed idea?
  • Do we think the class would draw interest from our current audience and/or attract a new audience to us?
  • Is this class offered nearby at a similar time?

If your proposed course or workshop is selected for further consideration, we will get in touch.


NCE offers a wide variety of programs for adults and kids at an affordable price. We also support a scholarship program. In order to continue this tradition, we offer modest hourly stipends to our instructors, along with one free course during the session in which they teach.

When we hire you, you’ll fill out an info sheet, plus forms for a criminal background check (CORI), and a sex offender background check (SORI) and supply us with a photocopy id. We hire you as either:

an employee who fills out a W-4 form, several other forms, and who must be fingerprinted (here’s a link to all those forms)

an independent contractor/vendor who fills out a W-9 form and the background check forms listed above (here’s a link to those forms)

There are some instructors who kindly donate their teaching time to NCE. This is great help to us as we work to keep our courses affordable to all.


Now that you’ve read all the info above, here is the link to the Course Proposal