Driver’s Ed & College Prep

Driver’s Ed Click here for the Drivers Ed overview flyer that contains important information; click the links below to register for Drivers Ed classes:
  • Apr 2-May 28    Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30-5:30pm at Newton North
  • Apr 15-19        Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton North
  • Jun 24-28       Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton South
  • Jul 8-12           Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton North
  • Jul 22-26        Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton South
  • Aug 12-16       Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton North
  • Aug 19-23       Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton North
Parent Driver’s Ed Classes:  Don’t forget to sign up for the required Parent Training class! The cost is included as part of Drivers Ed.  Please note that effective May 1, 2019 the Mass RMV will require that parents complete the Parent Driver’s Ed class before the student can begin road lessons.  ACT Prep
  • August 19-22    Monday-Thursday, 9am-12pm* at Newton North
*Monday class ends at 1pm to allow time for students to complete a full length ACT practice exam

SAT Prep

SAT Math Review 

  • Mar 18-Apr 22        Mondays            6:30-8:30pm           at Newton North
  • Aug 12-16                 Mon-Fri            10am-12pm               at Newton South
SAT Verbal Review 
  • Mar 20-Apr 24         Wednesdays       6:30-8:30pm          at Newton North
  • Aug 12-16                  Mon-Fri               12:30-2:30pm        at Newton South
SAT II Chemistry Review 
  • Apr 29-May 21         Tuesdays            7-9pm                at Newton North
Write Successful Essays for Your College Application
  • July 10-31                 Wednesdays      7-8:30pm          at Newton South
  • July 11-Aug 1            Thursdays          7-8:30pm         at Newton North
More College Related /Young Adult Classes