Driver’s Ed & SAT Prep

DRIVER’S ED  (Driver’s Ed classes are $640 plus a $6.00 registration fee)

Click here for the Drivers Ed overview flyer that contains important information; click the links below to register for Drivers Ed classes: 

  • Jan 22-Mar 21     Mon & Wed     3:30-5:30pm at Newton South
  • Jan 23-Mar 22    Tue & Thu        3:30-5:30pm at Newton North
  • Feb 19-23             M-F                10am-4:45pm at Newton North 
  • Apr 2-May 30     Mon & Wed       3:30-5:30pm at Newton South
  • Apr 3-May 31      Tue & Thu       3:30-5:30pm at Newton North
  • Apr 16-20            M-F                  10am-4:45pm at Newton North

Parent Driver’s Ed Classes:   (Don’t forget to sign up for the required Parent Training class! The cost is included as part of Drivers Ed.)

COLLEGE PREP (SAT, ACT, & SAT Subject Test review)

SAT I Math Review  

  • Jan 22-Feb 26       5 Mondays         3:30-5:30pm      Newton South 
  • Mar 19-Apr 23       5 Mondays         6:30-8:30pm     Newton North 

SAT I Verbal Review 

  • Jan 24-Feb 28         5 Wednesdays    3:30-5:30pm      Newton South 
  • Mar 21-Apr 25         5 Wednesdays    6:30-8:30pm      Newton North 

ACT Prep  

Our ACT Prep program  includes 4 classroom instructional sessions and 2 complete practice test sessions.  

ACT Prep at Newton South  

  • Saturday, Feb 10 Practice Test #1, 9am-1pm* 
  • Thursday, Mar 1 Classroom Instruction, 6-9pm, 
  • Thursday, Mar 8 Classroom Instruction, 6-9pm, 
  • Thursday, Mar 15 Classroom Instruction, 6-9pm, 
  • Saturday, Mar 17 Practice Test #2, 9am-1pm*
  • Thursday, Apr 5 Classroom Instruction, 6-9pm

*If you are not able to make the practice exam dates, please call us so that we can make arrangements for you to take the test on your own.

SAT II Biology Review – 4 Wednesdays, May 2-May 23pm at Newton South 

SAT II Chemistry Review – 4 Tuesdays, May 1-May 22, 7-9pm at Newton North 

You Can Afford College If… Thursday, March 1 at Newton North, 6:30-8:30pm.