Driver’s Ed & College Prep

Driver’s Ed Click here for the Drivers Ed overview flyer that contains important information; click the links below to register for Drivers Ed classes:
  • Feb 18-22       Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton North
  • Apr 1-May 29    Mondays & Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30pm at Newton South
  • Apr 2-May 28    Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30-5:30pm at Newton North
  • Apr 15-19        Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton North
  • Jun 24-28       Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton South
  • Jul 8-12           Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton North
  • Jul 22-26        Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton South
  • Aug 12-16       Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton North
  • Aug 19-23       Monday-Friday, 10am-4:45pm at Newton North
Parent Driver’s Ed Classes:   (Don’t forget to sign up for the required Parent Training class! The cost is included as part of Drivers Ed.) ACT Prep *Saturday Practice exams: March 2 & March 23, 9am-1pm at Newton South Classroom Instruction: Thursdays, March 7, 14, 21 & April 4, 6-9pm at Newton South
  • August 19-22    Monday-Thursday, 9am-12pm* at Newton North
*Monday class ends at 1pm to allow time for students to complete a full length ACT practice exam

SAT Prep

SAT Math Review 

  • Jan 14-Feb 25          Mondays           3:30-5:30pm            at Newton South
  • Mar 18-Apr 22        Mondays            6:30-8:30pm           at Newton North
  • Aug 12-16                 Mon-Fri            10am-12pm               at Newton South
SAT Verbal Review 
  • Jan 23-Feb 27          Wednesdays       3:30-5:30pm           at Newton South
  • Mar 20-Apr 24         Wednesdays       6:30-8:30pm          at Newton North
  • Aug 12-16                  Mon-Fri               12:30am-2:30pm   at Newton South
SAT II Chemistry Review 
  • Apr 29-May 21         Tuesdays            7-9pm                at Newton North   (registration will open soon)
Write Successful Essays for Your College Application
  • July 10-31                 Wednesdays      7-8:30pm          at Newton South
  • July 11-Aug 1            Thursdays          7-8:30pm         at Newton North
More College Related Classes