METCO Scholarships

Any current METCO student in the Newton Public Schools is eligible for a METCO scholarship for Newton Community Education programming for up to two weeks of summer full day programming. The scholarship form can be filled out any time, and scholarship spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Full day programming can consist of two different half-day programs (one morning and one afternoon), so two weeks of full day programming could include up to four programs (two sets of two half-day programs). Scholarships can be applied to spring or summer NCE classes. However, there is no METCO sponsored transportation for Spring sessions. Families must be able to arrange transportation for their children for any spring session that they sign up for. Summer METCO buses will run in the morning and will leave at 3:45pm from Newton North and 4pm from Newton South.

Please fill thescholarship form out individually for multiple student applicants in the same family.

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