Kids Program FAQs & Behavior Policy
(school year programs)

We hope your questions about NCE Kids classes are answered below. If there’s something we missed, please call us at 617-559-6999 or email us at


Q: My child gets out of school at 3:00 but her NCE class starts at 3:15. How will she get to her class?

A: Kids at each school typically walk themselves to our classes, but sometimes younger kids are escorted by their classroom teachers; please check with your child’s school and/or teacher.


Q: Who will supervise my child before the class starts?

A: NCE teachers arrive when school ends (12:30 on Tuesdays, and 3:00 on all other days). Our teachers supervise the kids until the class starts. On Tuesdays, kids eat lunch between 12:30 and 12:45, and on other days they usually have a snack (please provide your own lunches and snacks).


Q: My child wants to attend an NCE class at a different school. How does that work?

A: We welcome kids from all schools (in and out of Newton) at all our classes. Our 3:15 (12:45 on Tuesday) start time is set to allow for travel time between schools. We do not arrange transportation between schools.


Q: I want to sign up all three of my kids for an NCE class. Is there a sibling discount?

A: No, we do not offer sibling discounts.


Q: Elementary and middle schools are locked during the day. How does this affect NCE classes?

A: School secretaries are at their desks until 3:30 each day and can buzz in kids arriving for NCE classes. At the end of class, our teachers will bring all kids to the main entrance of the school to be picked up by parents, guardians, or after-school staff. Kids in grades K-2 must be signed out by an adult; kids in grades 3-5 can dismiss themselves with written permission from a parent or guardian. To give your permission, please send an email to stating your child’s name, grade, NCE class, and school.


Q: What happens on early-release Thursdays?

A: Our classes run at their regular times on early-release days.


Q: My child is in the after-school program at his school. How will he get to and from his NCE class?

A: Please ask your after-school director about getting your child to his NCE class as this varies by school.  At the end of the class, pick-up for all kids is at the main entrance of the school; after-school staff will meet their kids there as well.


Q: My child is in 2nd grade but there’s a class for 3rd-5th graders that she would love to join. Would this be okay?

A: We can sometimes make exceptions to the grade range that is listed per class. Please call us.


Q: I’m interested in an NCE class for my child but I’m not sure he will like it. Can he try one class to find out?

A: No, we do not offer trial classes.


Q: The class I’m interested in for my child is full. What should I do?

A: Sign up for the waitlist! It’s free, and we often get last-minute changes. You can always turn down a spot if it’s offered to you. Also, your interest helps us determine future course planning.


Q: My child has another activity that conflicts with the first few weeks of her NCE class. Can she join the class late and pay a pro-rated fee?

A: No, we do not pro-rate tuition for kids who miss some of our classes. However, for some classes it’s perfectly fine to start late. Please call us.


Q: My child has special needs; how can I know if a class will be right for him?

A: If you call us, we can discuss the nature of your child’s needs and help you make this decision.


Q: My child’s class starts next week; where is it taking place?

A: We post room locations to our website as soon as we get them from the school. Occasionally this doesn’t happen until the day the class starts. If that’s the case with your class, please have your child check with the school secretary for his class location.


Q: My child enrolled in an NCE class but has changed her mind. What is your refund policy?

A: If you withdraw more than seven days before the start of your class, you will receive a refund minus $10. There are no other refunds or credits. The $6 registration fee is non-refundable.


Q: What is your behavior policy?

A: We have a “three strikes and you’re out” policy. It is our expectation that students in our classes will follow their teacher’s instructions. We ask students to use only materials designated for their NCE class, to use these appropriately, and to treat each other and their teacher with respect. If your child does not meet these expectations, our teacher or an NCE staff person will bring this to your attention. If your child’s behavior continues to be inappropriate, you will receive a call from the NCE office. If after that there is still no change, we will ask you to withdraw your child from the class and no refund will be given. We have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate physical behavior. If a child inappropriately touches or acts to harm others in the class, he or she will be withdrawn with no further warnings, and no refund will be given.


Please click here for the complete list of general NCE policies.

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