Kids Program FAQs & Behavior Policy
(summer programs)

We’re delighted that you have chosen to join us for the summer! Please read this entire list of questions and answers below, and call us at 617-559-6999 or email us at with any additional questions.

Q: Your high schools are big buildings! How will I find my child’s class?
A: Please come to the main entrance of the school and you’ll have help from there. We will have beautifully colored signs to guide you, and our staff will assist as well. In some cases we may send you directions by email that are more specific to your class.

Q: I want to sign my child up for a class, but our schedule may change between now and the summer. What is your refund policy?
A: Our summer classes fill fast, so we ask you to carefully consider your options before registering for a class. If you change your mind before May 29, you can have a refund minus a $25 processing fee. After May 29, no refunds or credits will be given. A transfer may be possible, space permitting. There is a $50 fee for all transfers.

Q: What is your behavior policy?
A: We have a “three strikes and you’re out” policy. It is our expectation that students in our classes will follow their teacher’s instructions. We ask students to use only materials designated for their NCE class, to use these appropriately, and to treat each other and their teacher with respect. If your child does not meet these expectations, our teacher or an NCE staff person will bring this to your attention. If your child’s behavior continues to be inappropriate, you will receive a call from the NCE office. If after that there is still no change, we will ask you to withdraw your child from the class and no refund will be given. We have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate physical behavior. If a child inappropriately touches or acts to harm others in the class, he or she will be withdrawn with no further warnings, and no refund will be given.

Q: Are the grades listed for each class meant to be my child’s grade now, or his grade in the fall?
A: All grades listed are for Fall 2015. Please make sure you sign your child up for the class that is offered for his grade.

Q: Your class is listed for Grades 3-5, but I have a 2nd grader who really wants to join. What should I do?
A: If your child is not within the grade range listed for the class, please do not just sign up! Our system won’t reject you, but we will, and this may not happen until close to the start of the class. If you would like an exception made, please give us a call. We can sometimes accommodate you, but please ask close to the start of the class when we have a good sense of the age range of the kids who have registered.

Q: I’d like my child to do a morning and afternoon program. How does this work?
A: Good question! Choose the two programs you want (making sure they are running at the same location) and sign up for lunch at that location. Our staff will take your child from her morning class to lunch, and from lunch to her afternoon class. You can pick her up from there.

Q: I am signing my child up for a Wicked Cool class. Should I sign up for lunch as well?
A: There is no need to sign up for lunch if your child is enrolled in a Wicked Cool program. If he is in a full-day program with Wicked Cool, or a full-day combining a Wicked Cool and another NCE program, lunch will be with Wicked Cool. There is no lunch option for students in half-day Wicked Cool programs only.

Q: I see you offer Extended Day. How does that work?
A: Our staff will bring your child to the designated Extended Day location and you can pick her up there. Extended Day runs until 5:30. Please be prompt; there are no late pick-ups!

Q: I only need Extended Day for two or three of the five days in the week. Is that okay?
A: We will not pro-rate our fee for Extended Day, but you are welcome to send your child for fewer than five days. Please let us know if you plan to do this.

Q: I would like to drop my child off early for his morning program. Do you have an early
drop-off option?
A: No, we do not have an early morning program (except with Camp Invention). Please do not bring your child before the start-time of his class; there is no supervision prior to the start of our classes.

Q: We live very close to the school where our child’s class is running. Can he walk home?
A: If you provide your child’s teacher with a signed note from you, your child can self-dismiss from his class.

Q: My child has special needs. Do I need to let you know?
A: It is helpful to us if you make us aware of your child’s special needs. Often some classes are better suited than others for individual kids, and we can help you choose an appropriate class. However, most of our teachers are not trained as special education teachers, and if your child receives special attention during the school year, we may not be able to provide that level of attention in our programs.

Q: My child has food allergies. What should I do?
A: Please let us know. We are happy to alert a student’s class when we learn of any specific allergies, in order to provide a safe environment for all of our students.

Q: I want to sign my three kids up for multiple NCE summer programs. Do you offer a sibling or quantity discount?
A: We do not offer discounts for siblings or for individual children taking multiple classes with us.  There is a $25 discount for a child who combines two half-day programs in the same week.

Q: The class I’m interested in for my child is full. What should I do?
A: Always sign up for the waitlist! It’s free, and we often get last-minute changes. You can always turn down a spot if it’s offered to you.


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