Before you propose a course…

Thank you for your interest in teaching a class with NCE. We welcome course proposals from potential instructors at any time. Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Course Proposal FAQs 

I have a great idea for a course! What information do I need to provide?

  • We will need all of the information below in order to consider your class proposal:
    • Your contact information
    • Proposed title for your course
    • Short course description (we reserve the right to edit the description for the catalog)
    • Number of hours/class meetings you think will be needed
    • A short biography
    • Proposed timing for your course

How far in advance do I need to submit a course proposal?

  • We begin planning classes far in advance, typically around five months before a session begins.
  • Kids summer programs are typically finalized in November to allow for registration to open in December or January.
  • NCE runs three sessions each year for kids and four sessions for adults. Here’s when our sessions run:


Fall: mid September to early January

Winter: mid-January to early June

Summer: mid-June to late August (these are typically week-long or multi-week programs)



Fall: mid September to early December

Winter: mid-January to mid-March

Spring: early April to early June

Summer: mid-June to early August


When do I need to be available in order to teach a class?

  • Adult classes are offered on weekdays at various times of day, including evenings. Classes can be structured in a variety of formats:
    • one-session workshops, presentations, or lectures
    • multi-session classes
    • panel discussions
  • Kids classes typically run:
    • after school during the school year
    • weekdays during summer and vacation weeks
    • occasionally on Saturday mornings or weekday evenings

How does NCE evaluate course proposals?

  • We use the following criteria when deciding whether or not to move forward with a course proposal:
    • Is the proposed course distinct from current or recent programs?
    • Have we offered something similar in the past, and was it successful?
    • Is the topic of genuine interest to our community? (If the course is intended to generate interest in your personal business, we’re unlikely to pursue it.)
    • Do you have expertise that supports the proposed idea?
    • Do we think the class would draw interest from our current audience and/or attract a new audience?
    • Is this class offered by another nearby organization at a similar time?

When will I hear back from you regarding my course proposal?

  • Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Once you submit your proposal, you will only hear back from us if your course is selected for further consideration. We receive many submissions and our small staff cannot respond to all inquiries.

If you accept my course proposal, what happens next?

  • If you're offered an opportunity to teach for us, you will complete a packet of hiring paperwork that includes:
    • a CORI (for a criminal background check)
    • a SORI (to check for sex offender history)
    • Instructions for getting fingerprinted. Per state mandate, all public school employees must be fingerprinted. You will need to make an appointment with an outside vendor to get this done. There is a charge of $35 that NCE will reimburse.
    • employee information forms
    • a W-4 form
    • You'll also need to provide a photocopy of your passport, OR another official photo ID AND your social security card.
    • Per Newton Public School policy, you must show proof of Covid vaccination.
  • Vendors will be asked to fill out a W-9 form and perform the required background checks (listed above) on instructors they hire to teach for us.

How will I be compensated?

  • In order to stay true to our mission of offering a wide variety of programs for adults and kids at an affordable price, we offer our instructors modest hourly stipends along with the option to take one free NCE course during the session in which you teach.

What if I want to volunteer as a teacher?

  • We love it when instructors volunteer to teach for us. It helps keep our classes affordable.
  • The background checks detailed above are also required for volunteers.
  • Volunteers are given the option to take one free NCE course during the session in which they teach.


Now that you are familiar with the process, we hope that you will complete a Course Proposal.


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