The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement: An April Vacation Family Experience

Montgomery, Selma & Tuskegee, April 16-21, 2023

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s reshaped the history of the United States and the world – leaving a legacy that is both vibrant and inspiring, but also fragile. In Alabama, the cities of Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma were home to some of the great turning points of the multi-year effort. It was in these places that the Movement’s national leadership took shape and tens of thousands of people came together to advance the cause of justice against remarkable odds and violent resistance.

Go beyond the headlines this April vacation with your children or grandchildren as we take a deep dive into history, learning directly from the actual activists and foot soldiers of the struggle whose vivid and compelling stories bring a history of unforgettable tragedy, triumphs and continuing struggles to life.

This trip is appropriate for families with children ages 12+. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Quadrupal-occupancy: $1,950 per person
Triple-occupancy: $2,150 per person
Double-occupancy: $2,350 per person
Single-occupancy: $3,000 per person
(airfare not included)



Day-by-Day Itinerary


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