COVID Procedures

All Newton Community Education programs will follow COVID-19 precautions based on the latest CDC guidance. These precautions will be continuously updated and will include social distancing, mask-wearing, specific dropoff and pickup procedures, group size limitations, and sanitation. Click here to read the latest version of NCE's full COVID-19 risk mitigation plan.

Behavior Policy
NCE wants all children to be successful and safe in all of our classes. We ask our instructors to be clear with expectations and to deliver curriculum in an engaging way. We ask that students be respectful to their peers, instructors, class materials, and class space whether online or in-person. If your child is engaging in a challenging behavior, we will try to help your child re-engage appropriately. If we are unsuccessful in helping your child re-engage, we will strategize with you about the best way forward and hope to come up with a positive solution, which may include class withdrawal. Refunds are not given to families of children who need to leave a class due to an inability to engage appropriately. NCE asks students to follow Newton Public Schools’ online practices and guidelines which are found on the NPS website.

Late Fees
Please respect our staff and pick your child up on time. A fee of $25 will be charged for each late pickup. After three late pickups, you will be asked to have a conversation with our office staff and action may be taken up to and including withdrawal of your child from the program with no refund.

Special Needs
Please share any additional information that will help us support your child. Email us at staff@newtoncommunityed.org and we will collaborate with you to explore how we can help.

Dropoff & Pickup Procedures
To ensure adherence to COVID safety guidelines, we have made changes this year including staggered outdoor dropoff and pickup times and locations. Your child will be guided into the building by staff since parents will not be allowed to enter. We will send detailed logistics communications to each registered family.

Extended Day

We offer Extended Day until 5pm. See our website for details. There is no morning extended day.

Class Eligibility

When choosing Summer classes, please use your child’s grade as of Fall 2021.

Make A Full Day

If your child is enrolled in a full-day program (e.g. sports), they will automatically be guided through our COVID-conscious lunch program. You can also make a full day (and get a discount) by choosing two different morning and afternoon programs and signing up for lunch. Lunch is not available for students enrolled in one half-day program only.

Snacks, Lunch, & Water

Families are responsible for bringing the following labeled items: refillable water bottle, one snack for each half-day session plus Extended Day if applicable, and lunch for full-day programs. Students will not have refrigerator or microwave access. You must let us know at registration if your child has an allergy requiring an epipen.

Medical Care, Emergency Medication, & Allergies

Detailed information on our procedures can be found here.


For Kids summer programs, if you withdraw from a class by May 31, we will issue a refund minus a $25 processing fee. After May 31, no refunds or credits will be given. A transfer to another NCE summer class may be possible, space permitting. There is a $25 fee for each transfer. Refund and transfer requests should be made by email to staff@newtoncommunityed.org.

Registration Deadline

Registration closes the Thursday before the following week’s programs. All registrations must include required health forms and paperwork.

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