Summer 2022 Kids FAQ

Summer 2022 Kids FAQ

Hi parents, we are so excited to welcome your children for another summer with Newton Community Education! We hope this FAQ about our summer programs is helpful in choosing a great camp for your child(ren). Have a question that’s not on here? Email us at and we’d be glad to answer it. 


Q: What ages do you serve in your camps?

We serve mainly elementary and middle schoolers, but we welcome high schoolers to our counselor-in-training program and academic summer school classes. We also welcome high schoolers to work for us as camp counselors (see more information on that below).


Q: My kid wants to sign up for the Garden City Stage musical theater camp; it sounds exciting! When will we know what show they’ll be performing?

We are still in the process of acquiring performance rights, and we will announce the show as soon as the licensing process has wrapped up.


Q: My child’s favorite camp is in a different location than usual. Why is that?

This year, all of our camps are centralized in two locations: Newton North & South. This makes our camps more accessible for students who take the bus to our programs. Keeping our programs in two locations also allows us to have excellent staffing coverage and fewer dropoff locations for families with more than one child attending camp.


Q: The price of my child’s favorite camp seems to have gone up. Why is that?

This year, our camp staffing costs have risen significantly. Additionally, inflation has dramatically increased the costs of supplies and materials. These costs have caused a rise in camp prices in some cases.


Q: Why are most of your classroom offerings full-day this year?

Last year, many families asked for their children to spend all day with the same group of other campers. Previously, a student who joined us for two different half day classes would be joining two different cohorts of students: this year they are only joining one. Not only is cohorting one of our best tools for mitigating COVID spread, it allows your child to have a consistent community of friends while exploring two different classes/interests.


Q: How did you decide which classes to pair for your full-day exploration camps?

Our pairings were chosen with an eye towards allowing campers to expand their interests without respect to gender norms or conventional stereotypes. Campers have told us that they love to explore two totally different classes with Newton Community Education in the same day. Our offerings are now grouped into full days, and the ability to explore two wildly different interests (or two similar interests) remains unchanged. 


Q: What is the deal with themed weeks?

We’re so glad you asked! Below is the chart of each week’s theme.  Most classes in a given week will draw inspiration from that week’s theme. For instance, in ceramics class in Pirate week, your child might make some pirate figurines, or in baking class in pirate week, your child might learn how to use Vitamin C to ward off scurvy!



Week Theme Dates
A Around the World 6/27-7/1
1 Future Week 7/5-7/8
2 Shark Week 7/11-7/15
3 Spy Week 7/18- 7/22
4 STEAM Week 7/25-7/29
5 Fantasy Week 8/1 -8/5
6 ECO Week 8/8-8/12
7 Pirate Week 8/15-8/19


Q: Will every class in a themed week follow that theme?

Not necessarily. Some classes don’t lend themselves to theme adaptation, so for example, tennis will still be just tennis! 


Q: How will I know which classes lean heavily into a theme and which don’t?

If you read the online description for each course, they give lots of details about how the weekly theme will or won’t relate to the class.


Q: My child isn’t inspired by the theme of a particular week but is still really interested in a class in that week. Should they still take it?

Yes! Check out the class description online, and most of our classes will go far beyond the theme. So for instance, in ceramics class, your child might make pirate figurines but they will also make many other fabulous creations.


Q: Can I search by themed weeks online?

You can! Just visit our Advanced Search feature and click the drop-down next to “Program.” You’ll be able to search by week and theme.


Q: What COVID protection measures do you have in place?

We follow the same policies as the Newton Public Schools, and when they adjust their policies, we adapt accordingly. Currently, we mirror the Newton Public Schools in requiring full vaccination for all of our adult staff and indoor masking for all. We also follow Newton Public Schools’ social distancing guidelines during lunch. Finally, by offering almost exclusively full-day offerings this year, we are keeping students in a single cohort, which will help to minimize spread.


Q: Why do some camps start at 8:30 and some start at 9am?

All Newton South programs start at 8:30am and all Newton North programs start at 9am. This staggered start makes it possible for families with children in both programs or students riding the bus to arrive at both locations on time.


Q: Will I see my favorite coach/instructor?

Almost certainly! Newton Community Education is proud of our retention of beloved staff from year to year, so you’ll see many of your favorite adults and also some new, exciting faces!


Q: Is there financial aid for your programs?

Yes! We strongly encourage you to apply if you need help to attend. The deadline for scholarship application is __ and you can apply online here. If you have questions or need help, feel free to email

Q: My child wants to take a class for a higher grade level than they are currently in (e.g. they are in 3rd grade and want to take a class aimed at Grades 4-6). Can you make an exception?

We make exception determinations closer to the start date of a class. Email us at, and we will get back to you once we have a sense of enrollment and the age distribution of the class.


Q: Why did the price rise for Camp Invention this year?

In past years, Camp Invention operated at a loss because the price did not cover the cost of high-quality materials and instruction. This year, the higher price reflects the actual cost to offer the camp, including a higher minimum wage and higher materials costs with inflation.


Q: Will there be an extended day program?

No. Very few families took advantage of this program last year, so we have decided not to offer it this year.


Q: Will lunch be provided for your programs?

No. Families will provide lunch, snacks, and beverages for their children.


Q: Why do your classroom-based programs cost more than your sports camps?

Our classroom-based programs cost more to run and generally have much smaller class sizes.


Q: What discounts do you offer?

We don’t offer discounts; however we do offer need-based scholarships. We strongly encourage you to apply if you need help to attend. The deadline for scholarship application is __ and you can apply online here. If you have questions or need help, feel free to email


Q: Who is welcome at Newton Community Education camps?

Everyone! If you have questions or if there is something we can do to help welcome your child, please reach out to us at and we would love to talk with you.


Q: I want to be a summer camp counselor. How can I apply?

Great, we’d love to see your application! Apply online here and you will hear back from us by March 15.


Q: Will you have a CIT training program this year?

This year we are putting all of our energy into making fantastic camp programs, so we won’t have a CIT program this year. We plan to run one next year, so check back!


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